Origin: Jacksonville , Florida

Career Start: 2000

Adrian (DJ Mode)  has been DJing for over twelve years and has become a master to the trade. He has the greatest passion for being a Dj. He has done several hundred parties, school events, venues and weddings throughout the Southeastern region of the country.  He specializes in jazzing up the wedding  scene with his ability to mix up the classiness of a wedding with the life of a party.  

Origin: New York, New York

Career Start 1997

JASON (DJ Jason X) has been in the northeast florida/georgia area djaying for over 15 years as a professional DJ.  "It's all about his love and passion of music......It’s that simple." says the FLORIDA-based producer, recording engineer and DJ.  With his hines approach to djaying and production style, Jason has shaped his legacy. Over the years he has grown and created an outstanding sound all of his own.

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Origin: Bronx, New York

Career Start: 1978

Johnny Brinson (DJ John Blaze) from the Bronx New York, I have been djaying wedding and corporate events since 1978. After countless performances  DJ john blaze is determinedly humble. At the age of 48  he is the big brother of the crew and the glue that hold it together.

Origin: Jacksonville, Florida

Career Start: 1998

Romell (DJ Ro) is the CEO of the Party Doctors. He has been professionally djaying for over 14 years.  Prior to that period he djayed as a labor of love to family members and close friends. Even as a child he knew of his calling; his love of music. Romell has performed at over 400 wedding and special events. This incredible blend of Knowledge, perfessionalism, and a love of music makes Romell one the best in the wedding and entertainment industry. Always going the extra mile to make sure that the customer comes first.